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Try It to Buy It - Topo Chico

It's been a while but we (as in the royal we of being 1 person) have done our first product review of Topo Chico Hard Seltzers

Daring to say that Hard Seltzers are quite low down on the list of our favourite drinks, despite having a couple of White Claws at the DeadMau5 gig in Chicago a few years ago, Topo Chico might have swayed it. And between the Tropical Mango and Cherry Acai flavours, Cherry Acai wins the race.

So to start what is a Hard Seltzer? It's basically fizzy water with fermented sugar or fruit. Similar to an Alcopop here in the UK but more watery and less fruity. And we (again only the royal we), thought it was taste the rainbow time when we first tried a Hard Seltzer back in 2020 only a few months before the global lockdown hit.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and it was the second time we tried it with Topo Chico.

Thoughts of Topo Chico? Well .....

  1. The design of the cans were reminiscent of early BrewDog beer cans

  2. Plus the cans did exhibit the translucence merging of yellow, silver and white which made us think of Mezcal bottles.

  3. The Cherry Acai flavoured can was far more fruity than the Tropical Mango

  4. The Cherry Acai goes great with a thimble of Ginger Ale

  5. Or with diluting blackcurrant juice to make an alcoholic version

  6. The Tropical Mango flavour tasted less fruity despite smelling more fruity (ironic)

  7. The Topical Mango just like the other can goes great with diluting mango juice.

So what's the outcome?

We may purchase one or two cans ourselves to try other flavours to see if the rest are more fruity. But still if I were to choose Topo Chico or White Claw, I may go with White Claw as a standalone drink but Topo Chico to make an Alcoholic Squash/Diluting Juice.


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