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For the love of Pasta

If you follow us on Instagram, you;ll see that pasta is never far away. From homemade pasta dishes to fine Italian dining, pasta is part of our staple diet. So much so that word got out. People from my 9-to-5 work found out about this love of mine and decided to give me a gift voucher for Pasta Evangelists.

Inspired by their founder’s mission to bring fresh and quality Italian pasta to British Kitchens, Pasta Evangelists is a company that brings 5 star recipes into your own house. Each week there is a new menu to choose from ranging from their staple Carbonara of Dreams to Arrabbiata meaning there is something for everyone. And I mean everyone.

Each recipe comes with all the ingredients you need, so no more going to the supermarket for the sauce, meats and/or veg. Well maybe unless you want garlic bread then you definitely need to go to the supermarket.

Whilst I’m not a fancy cook, I choose the Carbonara of Dreams one of the 10 featured recipes in their Sicilian Week Menu. And it was really easy to follow. When the box was delivered with the ingredients and the recipe menu, it wasn’t long until everything was out. Parmesan Cheese, Pancetta, Casarecce Pasta and the sauce. Only thing I had to add was the walnut oil in order to pan fry the pancetta.

The only difficult thing was trying to split the pasta evenly into three bowls. That and trying not to supplement the dish with some chicken. Jeez, if the chicken was added I would have had two sittings to eat the dish. Although everything worked out and the parents loved it (again fellow pasta lovers).

So much so there is another delivery due Friday 10th July from their Venice Menu: Venice’s Famous Duck Ragù with Pappardelle and Sausage Ragù with Fresh Conchiglie. For myself only this time.

I might go Live on Instagram and cook one of them to show you how easy it is, but we’ll see.

Until next time.


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