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New Year! New Look!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it's the end of January already, so I better get the new year wishes out the way.

It's 2021 and things haven't much changed since 2020. We're back in Lockdown in the UK. We're still working from home. And, we're still no where nearer of getting to San Francisco. The only difference is we now have a horizon. Vaccines such as those developed by Pfizer/BioTech and Oxford/AstraZenica are now being deployed with other vaccines about to be regulated on. So there's light for some Travel Eye Single Guy activities to resume. Right?

Not really as it's still some time away since we're vaccinated. But we have made some changes. Like a new look website, and a TikTok channel. Out with the old, and in with the new they say.

And we're enjoying the change. We're working towards launching foodXglasgow, a collective of pioneering food and drinks lovers from across Greater Glasgow. We have also been looking at one or two small items of merchandising but that's still a long way off.

But every new journey starts with a reflection of previous experiences. In our case New York where Travel Eye Single Guy all started.

The Big Apple. The Five Boroughs. The City that Never Sleeps. From Broadway to Flushing Meadows; Central Park to North Mount Loretto State Forest, New York has it all. Or in reality for most tourists - if it ain't in Manhattan, it ain't New York. And we thought the same, until we returned home and wanted to go back to see more of the city across all five boroughs.

It was this mentality that made us visit Chicago for a second time in 2020. Taking in more sites. Trying more restaurants. Travelling a bit further out with the usual tourist routes.

So here's to hoping that 2021 will enable us to do the same and revisit New York, two years after our first visit. And that we finally get to make that trip to San Francisco.


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