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Getting Back Out

Things are starting to get back to normality. Well, sort of in the case for most people, and it’s the same for us. Whilst most of us have have started to resume some pre-pandemic activities, it’s taken longer for us to play catch up. But we’ve done it and then some.

So what’s been happening?


With travel restrictions in place we have had to re-evaluate our plans to visit San Francisco via Chicago this Autumn. Even closer to home we’ve locked out Dublin and a return to Copenhagen for obvious reasons.

Staycation wise? Well we’ve taken the relaxed approach and stayed at home exploring some of our hidden gems around Glasgow’s Pollok and Dams to Darnley country parks. Both are a ten minute drive and walk respectively from our HQ.

Hopefully international travel will be back on the cards and we can get back out into the wider world. And blog about some of the fantastic restaurants we’ve been seeing on Instagram.

Food & Drink

Eat Out to Help Out? Yes please.

When hospitality started to open back up here in the UK, many cafes and restaurants took up the government’s scheme to get the industry back up and running with 50% or up to £10 off dining out throughout August. It took us a while and we joined the party late when the scheme was over but some places extended it themselves. Like two of our family favourites: Coast and House of an Art Lover.

Got to admit, having a medium-well ribeye steak with tempura king prawns after so long really does taste better. From a drinks perspective and with keeping a safe distance from bars, we ordered some new stock to our spirit collection. Or should we say tried and drank it. We highly recommend Banditti Club spiced rum as a staple of everyone’s drinks cabinet.

Everything else

We’ve been taking part in some exciting webinars from all over the globe. From influencer development to business building, we are getting things together for the next stage of our journey.

We’re also looking into collaborating with others and have set up the Glasgow Food Bloggers community. Hopefully we can get more people involved and start running events.

So there we have it.

Let us know what you want to see as we start to plan out for 2021.


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