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Rouken Glen Walks

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you’ll have seen us starting to edge into creating videos around the nearby park and the estate. So much so I’ve found the required system app to combine videos on my phone. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it in our gallery.

Our first video features Rouken Glen Park. Originally owned by the Scottish Monarchy until 1530 when it was gifted to the 1st Earl of Eglinton, the park takes its name from the old Rock End Meal Mill in the glen. The remains of the mill sit beside Audlhouse Burn and can be seen at the foot of the waterfall.

The waterfall, as seen in the video, is divided in to two: the natural waterfall and the reservoir waterfall which was later created to supply the surrounded by steep woodland; the waterfall is based on a natural waterfall, doubled in height to form a reservoir to supply the printworks set up by the Crum family downstream at Thornliebank during the early 19th century. The Crum family once owned the estate and Birkenshaw House before it was purchased by Archibald Corbett, the 1st Baron Rowallan who ultimately gifted the estate and mansion house to the citizens of Glasgow. The park was then officially opened on 25 May 1906 and later leased to East Renfrewshire Council, then Eastwood District Council, in June 1984. Unfortunately Birkenshaw House no longer stand as it was demolished in 1965.

Most of the park is typically Edwardian in fashion, with the walled garden the only remaining part of Birkenshaw House still standing today in the northern half of the park. Other features in the northern half include the Garden Centre, Pro Soccer, the Pavilion, the Playpark, a Veterinary Practice and of course the remains of the Rock End Meal Mill.

The southern half is focused around the Boating Pond with the Boathouse Cafe overlooking the pond and the start of the nature trails that lead from the Waterfall to the Walled Garden. There’s also a decent size event area that hosts the Playground Music Festival each year.

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