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Lockdown Tips

So it looks like lockdown isn’t ending anytime soon here in the UK. But what can we do to make life easier?

Well there’s a few tips and hints I learnt whilst on holiday or working away that I’ve been using or sharing with family members. And now you’ll know all about them too.

Tip #1 Leftover Hand Gel

Ever had that small bit of hand sanitizer gel that you couldn’t get out? Well one of the receptionists at The W – Lakeshore in Chicago told me how you can transfer it to another bottle.

Stick the bottle in hot water for 5-10 minutes so the gel is able to move more freely around. Then it’s as simple as opening the lid of the bottle and transferring it over. Once in the new bottle cool in cold water for the same length of time.

It really is that easy. I was able to get a good 10ml transferred into another bottle.

Hint: use a small bowl that has a lid to cool it down quicker.

Tip #2 Make Shift Pillows

We’ve all forgot a pillow or two and wondered should I use the bath towel. Well most concierges will recommend this but if you have ever stayed at the Park Plaza Waterloo in London, or any other Park Plaza there’s something else. Cushions. And there’s lots of them.

The tip here isn’t to just sleep on them but if you have a backpack or something similar, put the cushions inside them. Make sure to leave one for the outside though. Many campers do this so it’s not really anything new.

Hint: the Merlin 30L Backpack from Mountain Warehouse is ideal (see below)

Tip #3 Storing Medicine

Now this is where I will admit I do have a portable table-sized fridge in my room. But I’ve never thought of using that as a storage facility for medicine. Especially as some of mine’s need to stay refrigerated or stored in a cool place.

I once stayed in Abode, a luxury hotel in Glasgow as a birthday present. The room was lovely however one of my colleagues asked me about my health condition and whether or not I brought my medicine or my lotions and potions with me.

If I did, the best way to store them is in the fridge where there are no foodstuffs. I haven’t been able to do this yet as my own fridge isn’t even plugged in.

Hint: don’t have a table-sized personal fridges, then use a cooler box.

Tip #4 Indoor Camping

Okay so this one is a bit like letting the big kid loose but I have used many a sleeping bag as a duvet. If you’re an outdoorsy person you’ll be stocked up in this department, however I found out a little trick by talking to someone at a public speaking training event. You can use a sleeping bag as a tent.

I was a bit skeptical but it turns out if you used to love making forts out of pillows and cardboard boxes, a sleeping bag can be made into a Tent. All you need is a table and an up-turned chair to keep your kids amused. If you have any that is.

Hint: a double sleeping bag works wonders and if you have more than one sleeping bag you can layer them over.


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