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New Places in 2020

First of all … Happy New Year everyone! I hope you brought in 2020 with some stylish drinks. The start of 2020 has brought big changes to TESG. We now have a LinkedIn Page and have an an amazing schedule for you to watch out for. Let’s start with what’s already booked or in the planning stages ….


Planned back in November when a sneak preview was presented in “Where to next?“, we will be revisiting the great Mid-Western Capital later this month for Chicago Restaurant Week. Held over 17 Days from January 24th to February 9th, we’ll be spending the middle weekend of it looking at how you can maximise fine dining at a reasonable price. Reservations have already been made at NoMi Kitchen and Offshore Rooftop & Bar. Also planned during this weekend is the Chicago Whiskey Festival and the DeadMau5 Cube V3 Tour, both on February 1st.


A stop-over of 3 hours each way between Glasgow and Chicago isn’t enough time but hopefully a quick city break to the capital of the Emerald Isle will be on the cards around Springtime. Time to bag another national capital. We’ll show you how you can plan a holiday with friends and enjoy what the city has to offer at night.

Glasgow’s 100 Best Restaurants

Courtesy of a Christmas present, 2020 will feature one of the 100 best restaurants in Glasgow once a month. Some have already been tried and tasted such as Eusebi, Non Viet, Bar Brett, and The Rum Shack, Glasgow’s original Caribbean Bar and Canteen

Psoriasis Lifestyle and Travel Tips

Last but not least is a new Lifestyle section that will be added to the Blog.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that results in abnormal patches of skin. Living with it can be a nightmare as our Blogger-in -Chief knows personally as well as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian-West, Cara Delevingne, Liam Gallagher and former Atlanta Falcons Players, Jonathan Scott. That’s why we’re opening up about how to manage a such a condition through Food and Travel when you’re not at home.


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