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Made of of four constituent countries across Europe and the Americas, the Netherlands is more than red lights and Caribbean nights.

Whether you're cycling across Amsterdam or catching rays in Oranjestad, you can find joy out of the most littlest of things.

Commonly the country of the Netherlands is referred to as Holland, so be sure to not make that mistake when you're visiting or you'll end up in the region instead.

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Language: Dutch is the official language with English, Papiamento and West Frisian recognised as Regional Languages.

Money: The Euro (€EUR) is only used in the Netherlands proper with the Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten using their own currency. Credit and Debit cards are widely accepted.

Law & Order: Whilst violent crime involving tourists is rare, theft, and petty crime is common across most major cities.  We recommend checking local laws depending on the country you're visiting.

Tax and Gratuity: Sales tax is included in the price of everything you purchase. Hospitality staff will accept gratuities but this is a bonus for excellent customer service. 

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