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Wave Rock Hyden Australia



Home to the world's largest coral reef and largest monolith, Australia, the Land Down Under, is an adventurer's dream.

The metropolitan areas of the two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, make up nearly half of Australia's total population but there's so much more than city life. Whether it's wrangling cattle in the Outback to surfing with sharks off the Gold Coast, Australia packs a continental punch.

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Melbourne, VIC
Syndey, NSW



Language: English is the national language of Australia. 

Money: $AUD is the local currency, and you can pay for almost anything with your credit or debit card. Most ATMs will accept Mastercard and Visa.

Law & Order: Generally speaking, Australia is ranked as one of the world's most safest countries. Like the USA, each state and territory has their own laws so do some research before you visit them.

Tax and Gratuity: Similar to the UK, what you see is what you get with Goods and Services Tax already included. Also tipping is not obligatory as hospitality workers earn a livable wage but many do as a show of appreciation

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